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Drug Testing

Drug Screening Collections

Drug testing is essential for a safe workplace. As an employer, you have a right to expect them to be sober and alert. Cayuga Drug & Alcohol Testing can help you ensure and maintain a drug-free workplace.

In addition to the potential health risks, America loses millions of dollars each year to lost productivity. Among those losses are drug-related absences, low productivity, and mistakes. You can and must prevent such losses, and with Cayuga Drug & Alcohol Testing on your side, the remedy is simple. From DOT to non-DOT employee testing, you can rely on our expertise and accuracy.

Employees in the following sectors are considered DOT-covered:

-Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – FMCSA

-Federal Railroad Administration – FRA

-Federal Aviation Administration – FAA

-Federal Transit Administration – FTA

-Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration – PHMSA

-United States Coast Guard – USCG

DOT Urine Drug Screening Collections

DOT urine collections are for employers that have employees considered DOT covered.

DOT, or Department of Transportation, requires that covered employees undergo drug testing and in some cases alcohol testing. These collections must be done by collectors that meet the training and certification requirements stated in Title 49 Part 40 Section 40.33 Subpart C of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Our team of collectors follows the procedures of Title 49 Part 40 Subpart E of the Code of Federal Regulations to protect the integrity and validity of every collection. Following DOT regulations is imperative because a failure to comply with these federal regulations may result in varying consequences.

Non-DOT Urine Drug Screening Collections

Non-DOT urine collections are done for employers with employees that are not under the umbrella of DOT covered employees.

This is a great service for employers that are looking to conduct pre-employment drug screenings or random drug screenings to implement a drug & alcohol-free workplace program.

Our collectors have been trained and are qualified to conduct non-DOT urine collections. The procedure is very similar to that of the DOT urine collection procedure with the primary difference being our team would adjust the procedure in the event of a “problem” collection to fit the employer’s drug & alcohol-free workplace program policies and any state regulations.

Need Results Fast?

Rapid testing is available for non-DOT urine collections if results are needed sooner than a standard drug screening. Not sure if rapid testing is right for your needs? Give us a call and we’ll help you evaluate the differences and advantages between standard and rapid test results.

Hair Drug Screening Collections

This is a great option for employers that want to ensure their employees do not have a lifestyle that includes continuous drug abuse. Drug screenings using hair samples covers a time frame of 30 to 90 days making it a better option to establish if there is long-term drug use. Our collectors take a very miniscule amount of hair to make sure the collection is cosmetically undetectable to the extent possible.

Oral Fluid/ Saliva Drug Screening Collections

Oral fluid, or saliva, drug screening collections generally has less potential for adulteration than non-DOT urine drug screenings and there are typically fewer issues receiving a specimen as it is much harder for an employee to interfere with the collection process. There is also a rapid testing option available for oral fluid drug screenings if you need results fast.

Frequent Questions

Using a certified collector is incredibly important in the collection process. Our collectors have been trained to follow the best procedures that ensure the validity and integrity of every single collection. Using collectors that are not certified may result in pain points such as litigations, PIE proceedings (if you are a part of a DOT covered industry), and more.

Yes. We are trained and fully certified to conduct collections wherever needed. Our collectors have been trained to properly secure any restroom for both DOT and non-DOT collections. The collection procedures we follow were designed to ensure the integrity and validity of every single collection.

Yes, we do offer after hour collections for those that are unable to make it to our collection site during our regular business hours. We also offer onsite or mobile testing for businesses in the locations we provide our services. If your area is not listed on the Areas We Serve page feel free to give us a call, we would happily investigate coming to your location!

No. All our samples are sent to two of the leading laboratories in the country. Our DNA samples are sent to one lab and all our samples for drug screenings are sent to another. Both labs are fully equipped to process a high volume of specimens allowing us to provide clients with rapid turnaround. In our opinion, sending our specimens to an outside certified lab provides clients with safe, secure, and reliable results.

Yes, we provide businesses with a best practices guide cumulated by our trained staff and our training partner, which happen to be one of the leading training providers in the country.