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Drug testing is essential for a safe workplace. As an employer, you have a right to expect them to be sober and alert. We can help you ensure and maintain a drug-free workplace with testing that includes DOT/Non-DOT Urine Drug Screening, Hair Drug Screening, and Saliva Drug Screening collections.

Alcohol testing can help you identify individuals who may have a substance abuse problem while also deterring others from starting or continuing excessive alcohol use. Our accurate and timely DOT/Non-DOT tests will help you make decisions based on scientific fact rather than guessing or assuming.

We offer both legal and informational DNA collection services. Our collectors have been trained to follow procedures that greatly reduce the risks of potential contamination. All DNA samples are couriered to one of the leading DNA testing labs in the country for exceptional accuracy.

At Cayuga Drug and Alcohol Testing, we know that you may not have a comprehensive policy. We can set you up with one no matter how big or small your business may be. And once your policy is in place, we can also provide testing that suits your needs and works around your schedule.